It is with deep regret and extreme disappointment that we announce that Phoenix West Midland Brass Band is no more, it has now faded back into the flames which has consumed it over the last two years or so.

On Sunday 24
th January 2015 the committee of the band made the ultimate and most difficult decision to dissolve the band. The committee included four of the original founder members of the band back in September 2000; so the decision was so much more difficult.

After it was formed the band made tremendous advances and had progressed from a lowly fourth section band to a powerful 1
st section band and with a couple of excursions into the championship section in recent years. Over the years the band has won numerous contests including five midland area championships on its journey from it's early beginnings.

Following the loss of a number players for various reasons over the last couple of years or so, the band has been unable to replace these players and as a result has had to withdraw from several contests including the important Midland Area Championships both last year and again this year.

Significant efforts to rebuild the band have been made to no avail, so the ultimate decision to dissolve was sadly made.

The remaining members; committee and chairman of the band would like to sincerely thank our friends and supporters for the sustained support they have given us over the years, bless you all.

John Moore Chairman


This website will remain active for a while longer, but not sure when it will be closed down


Particular thanks must go to Jobson James who continue to maintain the funding for this website.