Midland Area Championships 2011
La Carnaval Romain, Berlioz ; arr; Frank Wright

Adjudicators Remark Paul Norley Confident and full of clarity,Effective horns and trombs. Neatly balanced accompaniment but not always together. Euph full of character and style. Nimble basses. Stylish at C although sop not fully comfortable, well shaped into D. This moves well and effective percussion. Very atmospheric through E. Musically handled before F, good animato. Spritely and so much to merit into H. Trombs full of impact. Impressive Sop. Some very good dynamic contrasts. Some intonallity issues through L (horn). The finer dynamic detail is well placed and this is starting to have the hallmarks of a definitive performance. Warm basses into ??. Very finely delivered through R. U full of drive and nicely balanced. X well constructed. Convincing from here to convincing finale' - although the tuning slips on the final chord. ---- A well delivered and musical performance with evidence of some real craftsmanship. A few transient uncomfortable moments but convincing nonetheless---- Thank you.
Peter Brassano A very confident opening, with well controlled pauses; a lovely 'Cantabile' Euphonium solo, accompaniment might have been more sensitively done. A musically impeccable argument for the andante' with everything in its proper place; dynamics, intonation, balance ---- overall preparation of the Carnival mood of the allegro vivace' The allegro was strongly driven, rhythmically tight, in tune and balanced. This was an orchestrally conceived reading with the band in great shape-- a performance which brought Berlioz's music to life. ------ Bravo
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