News from 2010

Our first year in the championship section, a remarkable achievement for our young band.

March 2010
We compete for the first time ever in the top section of the Midland Area Championships at Bedworth. The test piece
is English Heritage and Wes Kenrick at the helm. Things didn't go well and we struggled to get to grips with this piece and as a result we were placed last, a big disappointment to us. It subsequently resulted in our demotion back to the 1st section.

May 2010
We were placed 3rd out of 8 in the top section at Buxton, this lifted our spirits a bit but still showed how far we need to go to compete at the top level

September 2010
Wychavon comes round again, top section again but still not up to scratch finishing 5 out of 5. No good for us to keep boasting about the successes and ignoring the failures.

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